COL. Edwin Eugene "Buzz Aldrin" - Lawrence N. Greenleaf Lodge #169

COL. Edwin Eugene "Buzz Aldrin" - Lawrence N. Greenleaf Lodge #169

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COL. Edwin Eugene "Buzz Aldrin"

COL. Edwin Eugene “Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 11
First Freemason on the Moon

Born January 20, 1930

The second man to walk on the moon,  Aldrin was the first Freemason to set foot upon the celestial globe.  Initiated at Oak Park Lodge No. 864, Montgomery, Alabama, on February  17, 1955.

Passed to Fellow Craft on April 12, 1955 Raised  to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at Lawrence N. Greenleaf Lodge,  No. 169 in Denver, Colorado, on February 21, 1956, York Rite Degrees, Waco Texas May, 1967 Member Arabia Shrine Temple, Houston.

Aldrin under special deputation of the  Grand Master of Texas, J. Guy Smith, was given authority to open a  Representation of the Grand Lodge of Texas on the Moon and establish  Masonic Territorial Jurisdiction there for the Grand Lodge of Texas. The  deputation was carried to the moon by Aldrin on Apollo 11 on July 20,  1969.

From: Masonic Education Program, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania                                  
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