Lawrence N. Greenleaf - Lawrence N. Greenleaf Lodge #169

Lawrence N. Greenleaf - Lawrence N. Greenleaf Lodge #169

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Lawrence N. Greenleaf

Lawrence N. Greenleaf
Past Grand Master of Colorado

Grand Master of Masons in Colorado, 1880 Deputy of The  Supreme Council, 33rd Degree, for Colorado, Scottish Rite, Southern  Jurisdiction, 1878-1917. Born in Massachusetts on Oct. 4, 1838, Lawrence N.  Greenleaf is closely associated with the state of Colorado, where he was  honored as Poet Laureate of Colorado. As a newspaperman, signing  himself "Peter Punever," Lawrence Greenleaf's various short poems first  appeared in the fledgling Rocky Mountain News. He published several*  books of humorous poems or essays. A member of Denver Lodge, No.5, he  was the founder and editor of the "Square and Compass" magazine.

His most famous work was "The Lodge Room Over Simpkins  Store" which has appeared in every copy of the Colorado Craftsman. It  was the inspiration for the re-creation and furnishing of "Friendship  Lodge" in the reconstructed pioneer South Park City adjacent to  Fairplay, Colo. Greenleaf was respected throughout the Masonic world for  his illuminating correspondence reports, the first of which appeared in  1870, the last in 1917. He was a close friend of and was in touch with  all the great Masonic thinkers of his time. There were some who would  have hailed him as the poet laureate of Freemasonry, as well as  Colorado's. Lawrence Greenleaf died October, 25 1922.

Biography written by Lorion                  
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